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TEMPstation Pro AI Face Recognition with Mask Detection and Network Accessibility

Now: $599.00
CNA#: 605169
TEMPstation Pro AI Face Recognition with Mask Detection and Network Accessibility
Network Commercial Temperature Station
  • AI Face Recognition with Mask Detection
  • Full Network Accessibility
  • Thermal Temperature Scanning
  • Contact-free screening kiosk
  • Motion Detection
  • Quick Accurate Readings
  • Displays ºC or ºF
  • Alarm Function
  • Desk Mounted
  • Easy Plug & Play Installation
With the rising demands for health and safety procedures, the need to screen employees for illness has increased. Temperature Screening Kiosks accommodate those needs by acting as a first line of defense to your company's health. With infrared thermal imaging and fast temperature detection, the non-contact temperature screening terminals help identify the presence of fever as a symptom of contagious illnesses such as corona virus. By preventing the spread of viruses, you can maintain a safe and healthy workplace while providing peace-of-mind to anxious staff, students, visitors and the general public.

Improve Employee Safety & Reduce Risk with Fast, Accurate Temperature Screening
Employee & visitor temperature screening has only become more critical as many state and local governments require return-to-work guidelines and COVID-19 response planning be established. Regulatory and health associations such as OSHA, EEOC and the CDC include temperature screening as an important procedure in facilities now. You can rely on temperature screening terminals to produce an accurate temperature reading, offering an effective method for keeping sick persons out of your facility.

Highly Accurate Symptom Screening
When it comes to accuracy, the temperature measurement scanner on this device is supreme, reading in with only a +/-0.9 degrees Fahrenheit variance. Able to detect temperatures from up to 3 feet, 4 inches away (1 meter), this kiosk can detect a temperature range as low as 50 Deg F up to 107.6 Deg F. The scanner uses an 8-in (800 x 1280) LCD screen that is equipped with an industrial-class, 2-megapixel binocular camera and a thermal imaging module. Coupled with an LED and IR dual flood light, the temperature scanner can detect temperature and faces even in poor lighting conditions.

Fast, Touch-free Temperature Reading
In case a sick individual does attempt entry, you should avoid skin-to-device contact and process symptom assessments quickly so ill individuals can be removed. The Temperature Screening Kiosk is a hands-free, touchless device. The temperature screening terminal is so fast, it reads an individual's temperature in approximately 1 second. If an abnormal body temperature is detected, an automatic alarm will activate. The alarm feature is an obvious trigger to the staff monitoring the area that the scanned individual was outside your temperature threshold and should not be allowed to enter.

Additional Access Control Features
The Temperature Screening Kiosk offers additional features that may be enabled if your facility manages an access control system. Integration set-up is required and is managed by the customer.

Live Facial recognition: The Temperature Screening Kiosk comes with the ability to scan for facial recognition that matches an employee. Facial recognition can even process face-with-mask recognition, ideal for essential healthcare workers or employees entering your building wearing a face mask for extra protection.

Supplemental Peripherals: Expand gate passage via the kiosk with peripherals such as ID card readers and fingerprint readers that interact with your access control system (additional integration required).

Note: This product is not FDA-cleared or approved. It is not a medical device and should not be the solely or primarily used to diagnosis or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19 or any other disease. 

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